Veteran’s Day

honoring those who served

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Veterans Day is a U.S. holiday held to honor persons who have served their country in the Armed Forces.

It’s observed on November 11 and coincides with Remembrance Day and Armistice Day, similar holidays around the world that are held to mark the end of World War I.

Veteran’s Day differs from Memorial Day in that it celebrates all U.S. veterans. (Memorial Day is specifically dedicated to soldiers who died in service to their country.)

One of the most poignant, respectful and heartfelt ways you can honor the veterans you know is by sending them flowers. Any flower can potentially be a Veterans Day flower, especially if it’s in hues of red, white and blue.

Flowers that say Veteran’s Day more than others:

Lilies:  The lily can show both sympathy and appreciation. It’s a majestic flower that can demonstrate the depth of your appreciation while honoring a loved one who has served their country with courage and pride. The white lily in particular can embody the impact of the stars and white stripes on the flag as well as the purity and integrity of the soldier’s intention to serve and protect the United States.

Roses:  The color of a rose determines its meaning. Red conveys passion, respect and courage as much as love. White roses denote  reverence.  Yellow roses stand for friendship, and pink roses represent grace, love, and gentility.  Dark Pink is often representative of gratitude.

Carnations:  You can say a lot with carnations, and several colors are appropriate for Veteran’s Day. Red carnations express passion, love, boldness, bravery, tenacity and admiration, while white carnations signify pure love and innocence. Pink blossoms represent memory.

Hydrangea:  The hydrangea is one of those rare flowers that blooms blue. The rich, vibrant blue hue of the hydrangea can help to covey your appreciation for the sense of justice and patriotic spirit the veterans you know have shown during their military careers.

Tulips:  Tulips represent perfect and deep love.  They’re ideal to give to someone who you have a deep, unconditional love for.  It’s a perfect flower to give to show your veteran how much you care.

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